why? i got bored and wanted to do something, anything

well, i'm gonna host my fav. pix here.
i had to expand my business hehe.. dealing with picsies

why pink? i do not know usually i hate pink

what you should know:

(*) pics of nude ppl; don't click if you're - let's say 15 years or younger :o)
(+) NC-17 rated pixis; don't go there if you are younger than 18 or whatever your country says when you are an adult :o)
the rest of my pix & stuff are safe for kiddies :o)
if any of these pic are yours, and you want me to take em off, or put a like to your site, tell me! i'll do so asap! i just don't know from where i got all fo them.
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Luminous Darkness
last but not least: thank you surf! :)

what you should do:

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